in business

Often in business there is an assumed expectation that things will succeed, by paying attention to sales, profits and losses, achievements and wins, without paying proper and due attention to the fact that they are being run and operated by human beings, all in relationship with one another, communicating and forming partnerships with one another.

In current competitive markets, portfolios and products can be easily copied and reproduced, however what differentiates your business from your competitors, and keeps you at the forefront of your market are the relationships that you hold – the relationships with your strategic partners, your clients, your staff.


team dynamics

Modern business practice is best based on co-creation of value, which depends on the insight and contribution of more than one person.  Working in teams, I use a variety of tools such as Lumina, a personality assessment tool providing both a common language for the team members to engage in often honest – and sometimes hard – conversations, as well as provide provide insight into the group dynamic at times of stress on both the individual and team level; allowing for your team to work in an optimal way.

Collaborating with various other associates of different specialties, we can provide a variety of solutions and interventions based on your business needs.

executive coaching & witnessing

In working with individuals I offer both one-on-one individual sessions (in person or via skype), as well as my witness and reflection program for corporate executives.

A large component of mindfulness and personal development is the development of the “witness” – to become a neutral observer of your own life. This is a valued position of perspective.

However, I often find that when seeking support with a coach, counselor or therapist, a persons replay of events is retold through their own myriad of filters, giving a distorted version of the situation. In my witness and reflection program for executives, I take the role of witness. I become the neutral observer in your daily interactions with staff and stakeholders, providing you a feedback report of both observed strengths as well as potential blind spots for your growth and development as a leader from the position of relationship management. Leadership is the ability to develop successful relationships.

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  • “Today, as I worked with a team of junior managers in a conversation with them around preventative responses to imminent competition, you played the role of ‘witnesser,’ or observer. I’m good at what I do (witness: ‘repeat clients’) and I think of myself as fairly self-aware – yet I was not prepared for your feedback. It was insightful, relentlessly bone honest (read: ‘challenging), and emphatically and courageously delivered. You told me that I had been unkind (true), had shamed some of my clients (true), and had marginalized some of them (true). (There was more …)

    And all of this while I was engaging in what I do best: Multi-level management conversations inside a key division of my R40 billion client organisation: Challenging, probing, enquiring, joshing, in what I *thought* was a context of kindness.

    Thank you for having the awareness to shine a light, for having the skill to observe and the courage to feed back with honesty and clarity.

    The value you bring to my organisation cannot be overstated. Thank you for contributing today, and please keep doing what you are doing.”

    ~ Brent B, CEO, Corporate and Sales Advisory Firm