Journey Through Pregnancy with the Support of the sisterhood

For centuries women have gathered together in circles to join together to share, support and co-create with one another. Creating a sense of community and strengthening of the Sisterhood in preparation for the birth and delivery of your baby. These 5 part workshops have been designed and will be facilitated in collaboration with Sandy Standish, a midwife in private practice with 30 years of experience working with women and birthing their babies. We will engage through of process of creativity and personal discovery, allowing you to clear the path for the life-changing process of child-birth.

Over a journey of 5 modules we will be exploring the following topics:

  • Sharing your birth imprints: What has been your exposure to birth in your family? How have these impacted your perceptions and viewpoints of childbirth? During this module we will also be making a symbolic and tactile toy for your new baby.
  • Sharing your fears around birth and find your strengths: In this module we will be exploring your hidden fears as well as your personal strengths which you can draw on to support yourself.
  • Reality Check: We have all heard a host of horror stories when it comes to childbirth and what could go wrong! During this module we will have the opportunity release some of these stories, supported by the 30 years of experience from Sandy Standish to give some reality perspective alleviating some unnecessary fears. We will engage in a fun and playful process to address “Disaster Management” when your birth-plan doesn’t quite go as you intended as well as make an essential oil to use both for you during labour and later for your baby.
  • Support Structures: During this module we will  engaging in a process to look at your various support structures and your relationship to them as well as how you will feel supported during labour, giving you an opportunity to prepare your support team to be ready when they’re needed!
  • Self-love, Birth Preparation and Nesting: During this module we will be looking at the finer details of loving and supporting yourself at the time of birth along with practical self-massage tips and other fun, creative activities.


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