individual sessions

Reclaiming Intimacy starts with ourselves….. How we do anything is how we do everything. Once we can find the intimacy with ourselves, we can then extend further and find true intimacy with others.

Utilizing various tools and frameworks, I work in a creative and engaging way, exploring levels of vulnerability, expressed through fears and desires to support you in a transformational journey of shifting perception and creating expansiveness in your views of what becomes possible.


  • Shakti Malan Ph.D, author of Sexual Awakening for Women, offers a 7-module downloadable course, Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence where she guides women through 7 Gateways to open more fully to their feminine sexual essence.

    As program manager and moderator for this course, I am offering a special offer where I will provide 90-minutes of free coaching to support you as you engage through the materials and practices.  This can be booked as either 1 x 90 min, 2 x 45 min or 3 x 30 min sessions.

    If you would like to take advantage of this offer then please register here and email me at to book your session.

“Never judging, never disrespecting, always supporting, Tiffany engages deep enquiry which allowed me to discover widening aspects of myself.” ~ Brent B, Cape Town 


Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst was instrumental in his work of understanding the “bodymind”, and developed his theory of body armouring. It is understood that any emotional feelings or even traumatic events are stored in the body tissue and become a physical holding pattern in the body.

Through physical bodywork it is possible to release many of these holding patterns and engage in emotional release work, beyond what is accessible by the mind.

As a qualified Rebalancer, though the Osho School of Touch, as well as trained in Tantric Body De-Armouring by Andrew Barnes, an international Tantric body worker and relationship coach, I offer bodywork and emotional release sessions to support your journey of transformation and release those unseen blocks preventing you from having greater intimacy with both yourself and in your relationships.


new mothers

Becoming a new mother can be an intense period of transition on all levels, but especially surfacing your relationship to your body and your sexuality.

Every woman has the right to claim herself as a sexual being and is entitled to her sensuality with her body. It is very common for women to lose sight of their sexual selves after childbirth, and start viewing their breasts as milk delivery systems rather than areas of pleasure for herself as well as surfacing fears around “tightness” and other sexual fears, impacting both their relationships with themselves as well as with their partners.

In working with new mothers, we engage in a process to reestablish your connection with your own body, sexuality and pleasure. We explore what is pleasurable and sensual for you? What might have been a turn-on for you previously with your partner may no longer appeal. We look at your relationship to pleasure and being able to ask for this and discover new ways of love making and creating intimacy – ways that feel good
for where you are, rather than performing through guilt or perceived obligation, which potentially can build up to resentments and tension in your relationship.

Being a mother is the most profound, life-changing experience…. an absolute gift. It is the ultimate expression of your creative, sexual power. Honour this. Treasure this. Live this.