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As a human species are wired for connection and emotional dependency and acknowledgement of our emotional inter-connectedness is crucial to healthy functioning. Our intimate relationships are often our most treasured, yet through fears of loss, abandonment or rejection we paradoxically end up engaging in unconscious behaviours which place strain on our emotional connections.

In working with couples, my role is two-fold: Firstly I hold and create the space making it safe to start expressing and exposing those vulnerable sides of yourself to your partner. The space to make difficult and threatening conversations possible. Then, drawing on a variety of modalities, skills and experience I bring a level of enquiry and exploration into what aspects of yourself are being potentially marginalized in your attempts to try and keep your relationships safe: What fears are holding you back in your particular relationship dynamic? What is not being said but being felt? 

We explore Your Relationship Dream and create Your Relationship MapWhat is your vision for your union together? What are your relationship values? Where are you now, Where are you going, and how are you going to get there?

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Awareness is key. From the place of having insight and understanding this shines more light on the territory to navigate.

Without boxing or categorizing, using profile assessment tools can often provide great support in providing a better perspective of where you are coming from as well as the default perspective of your partner. From the place of understanding and insight it can bring greater awareness to your conscious choice making in your communications and engagements.

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    Lumina Spark is one of a new generation of professional development tools supporting individuals and teams to work more effectively. As team of two in your relationship you can compare your portraits and have greater insight into your individual strengths and compare from what perspectives you are each viewing the world and each other.


    I have found it to be an incredibly valuable tool in my own relationships where insight was gained about conflicting thinking styles, allowing for greater understanding and patience with my partner whilst equally giving me great insight into myself and areas of development towards finding alignment with my values. – Tiffany Stone

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    Strength Deployment Inventory is a practical and useful self-awareness inventory that increases relationship effectiveness. It is a life inventory based on relationship awareness® theory, a validated self-assessment tool that delivers proven business and personal outcomes by decreasing the underlying conflicts that diminish relationships.

    By assessing your underlying motivational factors you can determine your core strengths as well as getting insight into your personal conflict sequence – how do your behavioural motivations change when faced with conflict?


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    Human Design is about decision-making. It can show you how to consistently make the right choices in your life, allowing your body’s intelligence to guide you. From your personal Human Design chart you can gain enormous insights into your own unique nature: your health, your psychology, your vulnerabilities and limitations as well as your talents, strengths, and gifts.